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Prestižní mezinárodní ratingová společnost CHAMBERS AND PARTNERS opět zařadila PETERKA & PARTNERS mezi významné právní firmy střední a východní Evropy

Uznávaný průvodce trhem právních služeb Chambers and Partners doporučuje ve svých nejnovějších publikacích Chambers Europe a Chambers Global pro rok 2016 advokátní kanceláře PETERKA & PARTNERS. Česká i slovenská pobočka si obhájily své pozice z minulého roku.

Individuálně byl za českou kancelář doporučen její partner a ředitel Přemysl Marek a Jiří Černý, partner.

Za slovenskou kancelář pak byli doporučeni její partneři a ředitelé Andrea Butašová a Ján Makara.


Kompletní výsledky:


Chambers Europe 2016


Dispute resolution






Real Estate



Chambers Global 2016


Dispute Resolution





Přemysl Marek: Corporate and M&A, Employment, Restucturing/Insolvency

Jiří Černý: Dispute resolution

Andrea Butašová: Employment, Real estate

Ján Makara: Corporate and M&A, Employment


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18.05.2016 - Prestižní mezinárodní ratingová společnost CHAMBERS AND PARTNERS opět zařadila PETERKA & PARTNERS mezi významné právní firmy střední a východní Evropy

05.05.2016 - LEGAL500 EMEA 2016

20.04.2016 - Media Law International doporučuje PETERKA & PARTNERS

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Napsali o nás...

Legal500 EMEA, 2014 edition
Peterka & Partners ‘fully keeps pace with developments’ in the CEE region.
Peterka & Partners delivers ‘to-the-point, business-oriented advice for reasonable fees’.
Peterka & Partners’ team produces ‘excellent analyses and a broad perspective on local legal acts’.
Peterka & Partners Law Firm is ‘very responsive and efficient’, and has a ‘smooth and easy communication style’.

Chambers Europe, 2013 edition
“There is great partner involvement from beginning to end." "The lawyers' answers are fast, efficient, and easy to understand.”

Legal500 EMEA, 2012 edition
Peterka & Partners shows "strong acumen and competence".
Peterka & Partners is known for its "flexibility as priorities change" and "the quality of its answers".

Chambers Europe, 2012 edition
"Our top choice. The lawyers constantly push themselves in the work they do."
"We are very happy with their work as they offer us the best solutions."

Chambers Europe, 2012 edition
"The lawyers are very commercial and straightforward; they are really willing to work on a relationship and work with a client."

Chambers Europe, 2011 edition
Peterka & Partners is praised by clients for its ability to “foresee problems and tailor the advice to suit our company.”
"They know our business well and they offer advice even before we know we need it – they know what works," said a client.
Chambers Global, 2010 edition
“Members of the team are very efficient. They are able to address specific goals while keeping the big picture in mind and strategically working towards a goal.”
PETERKA & PARTNERS, Slovakia - Clients say the team's advice is to the point and its client support is outstanding: "It is practical and helpful, which really makes a difference in this market."
Chambers global, 2009 edition
Clients commend this growing firm for its “hard work, high level of responsiveness and proactive and flexible approach.” The main contact here is Ondrej Peterka, who “combines an insightful legal mind with good business nous.”
Legal500, 2009 edition
PETERKA & PARTNERS offers clients “strategic advice that has been very helpful” in addition to legal guidance”
A client prises PETERKA & PARTNERS practice’s “reliability and efficiency”
Legal 500, 2009 edition
PETERKA & PARTNERS, Ukraine - "Monika Hoskova heads the excellent office"
Legal500, 2008 edition
“Clients say they are extremely happy with the team’s professionalism”
Chambers Global, 2008 edition
 “The Bratislava office has developed into a highly successful bureau.”
Chambers Global, 2007 edition
“This firm is one to watch. It has some smart lawyers who come up with great ideas.”
Chambers Europe, 2007 edition
 “The firm “ticks all the right boxes” according to clients “it provides fast, effective answers and is available when we need and urgent solution.”

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