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ЗДЕНЕК БАЙАР: В Беларуси мало юристов имеют международный опыт

«В Чехии, когда вы клиенту скажете «нельзя», это станет только началом работы. Клиент ждет, что вы предложите другой вариант, как ему можно поступить, а также расскажете, какой экономический результат его ждет в этом случае».

Не так много в Беларуси офисов международных юридических фирм, которые возглавляют не белорусские юристы. Но сегодня у «Юркаталог» как раз такой гость – чешский адвокат, директор минского офиса, партнер компании «Петерка и Партнеры» Зденек Байар.



Top Ten Within the Ongoing Reform of the Russian Civil Code

An article by Eldar Mansurov summarising the most significant changes in the regulation of Russian legal entities coming into effect as of 1st Septeber 2014 within the ongoing reform of the Russian Civil Code.

1. The division of companies into public and private introduced
2. Totally new principle for executives' powers introduced
3. Management liability for damages to a company extended and specified
4. Rights and obligations of shareholders and members of corporations specified more coherently with adoption of article 65.2 of the Civil Code
5. Liability of shareholders and members in commercial corporations who have not fully paid for the shares extended
6. Corporate (shareholders') agreement elaborated to a deeper extent
7. New rules formalizing shareholders' meetings introduced
8. Rules on corporate control recovery are formally introduced to the Civil Code
9. Major amendments to the regulation for reorganization and liquidation of legal entities made
10. Exhaustive list of non-commercial entities established



Distribution agreements in the EU according to EC Regulation no. 330/2010 and their effect on the primary automotive market

An article by JUDr. Milan Listík, LL.M. published by
Available in Czech only



Сроки и термины в украинском праве / Deadlines and time periods in Ukrainian law

An article by Anastasiia Laptiichuk published by the Ukrainian legal portal ЮРЛИГА.

Law enforcement practice went different ways of calculating the interpretation of terms that is a sign of the lack of clear regulation of these concepts in the Ukrainian legislation.

This problem is not related to a particular area of law or economic sector; the same situation occurs in particular when determining the validity of the license, validity period of the passport of the citizen of Ukraine for travel abroad, terms the statute of limitations, and so on.

The author shows examples where there are different interpretations of terms by the authorities and advises what to do in such situations.



Participating in Public Tenders in Bulgaria

An article by Dimitar Stoimenov summarising the key information about the legal framework regarding procurement in Bulgaria: formal requirements; the minimum financial and technical conditions set up in the tender documentation; how the bidders could ensure the introduction of fair, transparent and non-discriminatory conditions of the tender and the lawful awarding of the public contract.



New Slovak Legislation on the Extension of Higher-Level Collective Agreements

An article by Elena Chorvatova and Premysl Marek published in the July 2014 issue of the TerraLex Connections Newsletter.



New Regulation of Commercial Non-Competition Clause in the Czech Republic

An article by Ondrej Majer published in the July 2014 issue of the TerraLex Connections Newsletter.



Nach der Reform ist vor der Reform

An article by Dimitar Stoimenov published in the Ost-West Contact 6/2014.



Choosing a Legal Structure for Investing in Poland

An article by Agnieszka Siwińska, featuring the pros and cons of conducting business activities in Poland through the most popular forms, i.e., limited liability company, joint-stock company, limited partnership, limited joint-stock partnership, registered partnership and professional partnership.



Top Ten Particularities of Slovak VAT Deductions

An arcticle by Martina Zdechovanova and Andrea Farinic Stefancikova summarising VAT particularities an investor should keep in mind when doing business in Slovakia.

1. Registration for VAT
2. High excessive deduction – risk of tax inspection
3. The time it takes to get input VAT reimbursed
4. Time limit for tax inspection
5. Corrections of VAT deductions
6. Purpose of use of input goods or services
7. Lease of real estate
8. Consecutive supplies
9. Use of Slovak VAT declarations by foreign companies
10. Deduction of input VAT arisen before registration for Slovak VAT



New Czech bill to open up online gaming and hike casino taxes

Mr. Zdeněk Beranek was quoted in the article published in the April 2014 issue of the World Online Gambling Law Report.




Top Ten Reasons to Invest in Romania

An article by Alina Radu, Laura Spataru-Negura and Ana-Maria Ionescu summarising ten topics important for potential investors in Romania.

1. Corporate Governance of Companies
2. Real Estate
3. Public Procurement Regulations
4. Infrastructure
5. Taxation
6. Labour Law
7. Debt Recovery
8. Energy
9. Incentives
10. New Romanian Legal Codes



New Hungarian Civil Code – Top Ten Survival Tips

An Article by Ádám Illés seeks to summarize the ten most important matters that have the largest influence on businesses.
1. Compliance of statutes and by-laws of companies with the new law; higher minimum equity capital for limited liability companies
2. Liability of executive officers for damages caused to third persons
3. Less mandatory approach, more latitude in company law
4. Offer of Contract
5. Conflict of general terms and conditions
6. Extended warranty rights for customers
7. Damages may not be claimed on grounds of failing to conclude a contract
8. Premature delivery must be accepted
9. New concept in contractual liability
10. New contract types




Liberalization of Electricity Market in Ukraine: Top 10 Things to Remember

An article by Tetyana Kistynyuk summarising ten important issues regarding the energy market in Ukraine in the forthcoming years (there will be a shift from a centralized electricity trading module to a more competitive electricity trading regime). These issues will affect each and every business in Ukraine, especially power generating companies, electricity suppliers (including importers and exporters) and electricity consumers.





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