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Coronavirus second wave - support

New support for entrepreneurs affected by new restrictions related to second wave of Covid-19

updated on January 19, 2021

Antivirus Programme - regime A (A Plus)

  • designed for companies with forced restrictions on operation
  • validity extended until 28 February 2021 
    as of October 1, 2020, the contribution to the employers will amount to 100% of the salary compensation paid out to the employee, but a maximum of CZK 50,000 per one employee 
  • the 80% compensation for employees in quarantine remains valid 

Antivirus Programme - regime B 

  • intended for enterprises that have been indirectly affected by the coronavirus crisis (for example, through a decline in sales or suppliers)
  • validity extended until 28 February 2021

Covid-Rent Programme

  • third call for the Covid-Rent Programme 
  • intended for entrepreneurs who, due to emergency measures, have temporarily closed their establishments for retail activities and the provision of services to customers in these establishments, and newly also for entrepreneurs who were exempted from government emergency measures and were not prohibited from selling retail goods or providing services to customers if they can demonstrate a decrease in sales for the 4th quarter of 2020 compared to the same period of 2019 by at least 66%
  • the state shall contribute to the above-defined entrepreneurs 50% of the total rent for the last quarter of 2020 (however, the release of grant funds will be possible only after the notification of the Programme by the European Commission)
  • applications can be submitted until 21 January 2021 for the second call, and from 22 January 2021 until 22 March 2021 for the third call, online, via the information system 

Covid-Gastro - Closed Establishments Programme

  • the programme aims to support all establishments which, on the basis of extraordinary measures taken by the Czech government in October 2020, had to reduce their activities or shut them down completely
  • the programme is intended for entrepreneurs (natural persons or legal entities) who carry out business activities on the basis of the Trade Licensing Act
  • the concerned entrepreneurs will be entitled to CZK 400 per day per employee or even per cooperating sole trader
  • it will be possible to combine this programme with other support programmes, with the exception of Covid - Culture, Covid - Accommodation and Covid - Sport 
  • support will be provided for the period from 14 October to 10 January 2021,excluding days when gastronomic operations were not restricted by government measures
  • the total amount of subventions to be distributed; 2.5 billion CZK
  • applications can be submitted, online, via the information system, starting from 15 January (e-identification already possible)

Emergency nursing allowance

  • entitlement to nursing allowance due to employees (also for agreements on work performed outside the employment relationship) who cannot perform their work at work due to nursing/car for:
    • a child under the age of 10
    • dependent children attending school who are dependent on the care of another person
    • persons older than 10 years dependent on the care of another person using the services of day/weekly care centres and similar facilities
    • children who are unable to attend school due to family quarantine regulations
  • entitlement to the allowance is for the entire duration of the emergency measure 
  • the allowance is in the amount of 70% of the daily assessment basis, at least CZK 400 per day; parents can alternate on the entitlement, even day by day
  • implementation via a form, which the employer sends to the District Social Security Administration
  • also for individual entrepreneurs

Crisis care leave compensation

  • employees are entitled for crisis care leave compensation amounting to 70% of daily reduced salary if they are taking care, on 21 or 22 December, or from 4 to 22 January of
    • children up to 10 years of age, and/or
    • children (up to 26 years of age) dependent on the care of another person (from grade I.), who have been barred from physical presence at school by a government resolution

Extraordinary immediate allowance in an emergency

  • one-time support - an emergency immediate allowance addressed to people who have been shown to be in financial distress due to the coronavirus
  • for the purposes of the allowance, the income of all persons in the common household is assessed, among other things; the allowance can be provided to a client whose social and property conditions do not allow him/her to overcome an unfavourable situation
  • applications can be submitted online, via the information system

Bonus for entrepreneurs and small businesses

  • intended for entrepreneurs who have had to close or restrict the operation of their businesses directly as a result of government measures related to the coronavirus; it is for limited liability companies with a maximum of two partners as well
  • bonus in the amount of CZK 500/day
  • they must have a predominant income from the business, i.e., more than 50%
  • valid during the state of emergency

Deferment of tax-obligations

  • addressed to those entrepreneurs whose activities were immediately restricted by governmental restrictions, specifically: 
    • operation of restaurants and bars
    • operation of music, dance, games and similar social clubs and discos
    • organizing concerts and other musical, theatre, film performances
    • organizing wedding celebrations, celebrations of registered partnerships, and funerals
    • operation of circuses and variety shows
    • organizing fairs and similar traditional events
    • organization of congresses and other educational events
    • organization of trade fairs
    • operation of indoor sports grounds, gyms and fitness centres, artificial swimming pools, wellness facilities
    • operation of zoos
    • operation of museums, galleries, exhibition spaces, castles, palaces and similar historical or cultural objects, observatories and planetariums
  • all payments of VAT, income tax and road tax due during the State of Emergency are automatically deferred to the above-mentioned entrepreneurs; they must send a notification to the financial administration (it is also sufficient to send this by e-mail) that they meet the conditions of the "general pardon" of the Minister of Finance
  • other emergency measures known from previous liberation packages are also effective

Covid-Accommodation II

  • the aim of this programme is to help collective accommodation establishments facing an absence of tourists and insufficient income during the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic due to government measures
  • it will primarily cover the period October-December 2020
  • accommodation establishments will have the opportunity to apply for a state subvention of CZK 100-330 per room for each day of forced closure, depending on the category and class of the accommodation establishment
  • the relevant period is set at 78 days attributable to the second wave of restrictions (22 October 2020 - 22 January 2021 - the period from 3 December to 17 December 2020 is not included, when no restrictions on the provision of accommodation services applied) and may be extended 
  • applications can be submitted from 25 January 2021, for collective accommodation establishments, and from 1 February 2021, for individual accommodation establishments

Covid - Travel agencies

  • the subsidy is used to operate and/or pay customer's claims for tours with a start date in the period from February 2020 to 10 October 2020, which were cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic
  • applications can be submitted until 29 January 2021

Covid-Sport III Ski resorts

  • the support will be provided as a subsidy for operating costs such as energy cost, rent, depreciation of operating equipment, overhead, etc.
  • the aim is to mitigate the negative effects of restrictions related to emergency measures and to provide support to those entrepreneurs who were directly restricted in the operation of business activities in the form of operation and management of ski resorts from 27 December 2020
  • the relevant period: 27 December 2020 - 22 January 2021
  • the maximum amount of subsidy per beneficiary depends on the number and structure of the transport facilities and on the amount calculated as 50% of the current average daily cost of operation of the resort for the past 3 seasons; the beneficiaries are entitled to the lower of the amounts thus calculated per day
  • details to be published

Covid Sport Guaranty

  • the purpose is to mitigate the effects of the coronavirus and related emergency measures on small and medium-sized entrepreneurs and the self-employed in the sports sectors
  • applications are expected to be received in January 2021
  • details will be published

The document reflects the project announced by 16 October 2020 and by 14 December and updated on 19 January 2021, further modifications are expected.
We will monitor the situation and update this information accordingly.

This document is for informational purposes only and may not be considered a legal opinion or advice on how to proceed in a particular case.

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