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Immigration & cross-border workers

with regard to the current Covid-19 crisis

Traveling restrictions

As a consequence of the proclamation of a state of emergency for the entire territory of the Czech Republic, the Czech government decided on the following travel restrictions (in force since March 16, 2020):

  • An entry ban on all foreign nationals with the exception of foreign nationals with permanent residency or permitted temporary stay of over 90 days in the territory of the Czech Republic;
  • A ban on citizens of the Czech Republic and foreign nationals with permanent residency or permitted temporary stay over 90 days in the territory of the Czech Republic from leaving the territory of the Czech Republic. 

The following exemptions were granted from the above bans for:

  • international transport,
  • cross-border workers,
  • critical infrastructure service,
  • humanitarian and urgent cases, unforeseeable emergencies,
  • diplomats, officials, etc.,
  • repatriation and family reunification.

From April 27, 2020, the Czech Government extended the possibilities for entry of European Union citizens (as well as Schengen-area nad United Kingdom citizens) to the Czech Republic.

It is newly possible to arrive to the Czech Republic also for the purpose of documented economic and educational activities after presentation of PCR (polymer chain reaction) testing for the presence of Covid-19 with negative results in the form required by the Ministry of the Interior. The test shown upon entry must not be older than four days.

For all persons entitled to enter the Czech Republic, who do not undergo the order for mandatory quarantine upon arrival to the Czech Republic, a two-week prohibition of free movement on the territory of the Czech Republic with the exception of urgent travel applies.

Further to the cancellation of a ban on free movement of persons on the territory of the Czech Republic as of April 27, 2020, persons living in the Czech Republic may leave the territory of the Czech Republic and the purpose of their travel will not be checked at the border. However, these persons must take into account travel restrictions introduced by neighbouring countries.

Temporary reintroduction of the protection of the internal borders of the Czech Republic

The Ministry of the Interior introduced border control by the Police of the Czech Republic along the entire internal land border with Germany and Austria and on the air border from March 14, 2020.

Internal borders with Germany and Austria may be crossed only at specified main border crossings with a 24/7 regime. Road freight transport respecting traffic restrictions, persons who demonstrably regularly cross internal borders, in particular cross-border workers and other persons may cross the internal land borders with Germany and Austria also at a few other border crossings between 5:00 and 23:00.

Similar measures along the internal borders with Slovakia and Poland have not been introduced, as they were introduced by Slovak authorities (border controls on all internal borders were introduced by Slovak authorities on April 8, 2020) or Polish authorities (border controls on all internal borders were introduced by Polish authorities on March 15, 2020) respectively. Moreover, Austrian authorities introduced border controls on internal land border with the Czech Republic on April 10, 2020.

Residency and work of foreign nationals in the territory of the Czech Republic

Foreign nationals, who were staying legally on the territory of the Czech Republic at the moment of the declaration of the state of emergency (March 12, 2020) for whatever reason, may continue to remain in the territory for the duration of the state of emergency without any need to resolve their residency status issues. Foreign nationals willing to travel from the Czech Republic to their home country during the state of emergency should immediately contact their embassies and tell them their interest in returning home. Entry to the territory of foreign states cannot be guaranteed due to possible emergency measures on the borders of neighbouring states.

Expiring work visas and work permits are automatically prolonged so that they do not expire sooner than 60 days after the cancellation of the emergency state. Foreign nationals residing in the territory of the Czech Republic on the basis of an Employee Card, Blue Card or Intra-Company Employee Transfer Card and who fulfil conditions for their extension, must submit a request for extension by post and they can reside and work legally until the final decision on the request.

Accommodation of foreign nationals until they leave the Czech Republic, and foreign nationals with work permits in the Czech Republic, is exempted from the general prohibition on the sale of accommodation services (i.e., accommodation in hotels and hostels).

From March 19, 2020, it is forbidden to go outside without protective equipment for the respiratory tract (nose, mouth) such as a respirator, mask, scarf, shawl, or other, which can stop the spread of droplets.

The document reflects the status as of April 27, 2020.
This document is for informational purposes only and may not be considered a legal opinion or advice on how to proceed in a particular case. 

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