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Measures and recommendations of the new Slovak Government being discussed


Social insurance benefits

The Government aims to introduce care leave compensation in emergency situations which is intended for parents of children up to the age of 11 years (18 years in case of children whose health condition has been adverse on a long-term basis), and special care leave compensation in crisis situations which is intended for parents of children up to the age of 16 years (to be provided based on the physician’s confirmation).

Sickness benefits will also be paid to people in mandatory quarantine. They are to be paid from the first day of the sick leave.

These benefits will correspond to 55 percent of the daily assessment basis and will be paid by the Social Insurance Agency.

Allowance for maintaining employees and contributions to free-lancers

Under the current regulation of the state aid known as allowance to maintain employees in periods of serious operating or economic trouble a number of strict conditions must be met. The Slovak Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs wants to simplify the regulation so that it reflects the current Covid-19 situation. The Ministry intends to provide compensation to employers who had to close down their business due to governmental decisions and/or who are experiencing the reduced turnover/sales due to epidemics. By these new measures the government intends to help employers to keep their employees, and to avoid mass lay-offs.

Contributions to free-lancers who may not do their business (e.g. self-employed persons, artists) are planned too. The particular conditions are yet to be announced.


  • Certain statutory time limits will be suspended (e.g. limitation period, deadlines for procedural acts).
  • Public hearings at courts will only take place if necessary (e.g. custody or care of minors). Public may be excluded from hearings due to health reasons.
  • Deadlines for filing for insolvency will be extended.
  • No auctions and exercise of liens (including enforcement by sale at auction) until 30 April 2020.
  • Exemption for notaries and attorneys-at-law so that their services remain available.



  • Bodies of legal entities may decide per rollam to avoid meetings in person (e.g. general meeting).



  • Everybody is obliged to wear a face mask anywhere outside home (the method of inspection and the related penalties for a breach of this duty will be specified). Minimum mutual distance of 2 meters between individuals is required when standing in queues in public.
  • The Public Health Authority will be, for the benefit of public health, allowed to temporarily (until December of this year) use location data provided by mobile operators.
  • Hospitals which do the specific test will have a drive-through testing place, i.e. persons tested will not have to leave their car.



  • Mandatory measurement of temperature at the entrance to hospitals, factories and all open establishments (from 30 March 2020).
  • Establishments that may be opened daily (e.g. pharmacies, drugstores, groceries, pet food shops) must close for Sundays for sanitary (disinfection of premises) and day off for staff.
  • Special opening hours in shops for persons over 65 years from 9am to 12pm.



  • Mandatory health examinations do not have to be carried out now.
  • The Slovak Government will negotiate with the Government of the Czech Republic on import of two medicines which export was banned by the Czech Republic.
  • The Health Ministry is to identify medicines and protective equipment necessary for the operation of hospitals and outpatient clinics and prohibit export of specified volumes of this equipment.
  • Outpatient clinics should have a guaranteed minimum income of at least 75 percent of the monthly average calculated last year.



  • Social, sports and cultural events are prohibited until further notice.
  • School and pre-school facilities remain closed until further notice.
  • Aside from the healthcare sector, the declared state of emergency will also apply to social service facilities. Visits in retirement homes are prohibited and day care centres are closed. Employees will provide services to retirees at their home.
  • Provision of food and medicine delivery services in municipalities. Municipalities will set up telephone lines for food delivery.


These are some of the planned measures; the list is not exhaustive. As the situation is evolving very rapidly, the Slovak Government and authorities respond to it by extraordinary measures. The constant checking of the current state of affairs and updates is necessary.

For any legal matters arising in these special circumstances, please do not hesitate to contact our Covid-19 Help desk at covidhelpdesk@peterkapartners.com.

The summary reflects the status as of 25 March 2020. This summary is for informational purposes only and may not be considered a legal opinion or advice on how to proceed in a particular case.

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