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In the year 2000, my partners and I launched the PETERKA & PARTNERS law firm in Prague, Czech Republic. Over time we developed an ambitious idea - to create an integrated regional law firm, which at first seemed almost impossible. However, after years of dedication and hard work, we became a strong alternative to the global giants and local law firms active in the CEE region through their networks or best friends.


Anti-crisis shield – new solutions for employees and employers

We would like to kindly inform you, on March 31, 2020, the Act of March 28, 2020, amending the Act on specific solutions related to the prevention, prevention and eradication of Covid-19, other infectious diseases and crisis situations caused by them, as well as certain other acts, came into force. It provides for the following solutions as regards the obligations of employers and assistance to enterprises affected by the decline in economic turnover due to Covid-19:

1) extension of additional care allowance by 14 days and extending the possibility of using
it also in cases of inability to provide care by a nanny or day care due to Covid-19;

2) extension of the deadline for implementing Employee Capital Plans in entities employing
at least 50 employees;

3) suspension of related obligations with periodic medical examinations for up to 60 days from the date of cancellation of the epidemic;

4) facilitate the carrying out of pre-employment health assessments and return-to-work health examinations;

5) extension of the validity of pre-employment health assessments, periodic medical  examinations and return-to-work health examinations that expired after March 7, 2020, to day 60 after the date of the epidemic;

6) possibility of changing the working conditions by an entrepreneur who has a decrease
in turnover and who is not in arrears in settling taxes and social security contributions by:

  • limitation of uninterrupted daily and weekly rest,
  • conclusion of an agreement on the introduction of an equivalent working time system,
  • concluding an agreement on the application of less favourable employment conditions.

7) co-financing from the starosta's funds for maintaining employment (for micro, small and medium-sized enterprises) and for maintaining business (for an entrepreneur who is
an individual not having employees);

8) co-financing from the Fund of the Guaranteed Employee Benefits Fund for the remuneration of employees affected by economic downtime or reduced working-time. The co-financing also includes employee social security contributions due from the employer on the benefits granted. The conditions for this are: not being in default of tax obligations and social security contributions, and no reasons to declare bankruptcy and a decrease in business turnover following Covid-19. To obtain funding, and employer must conclude an agreement with the trade union organization or employee representatives selected in accordance with the accepted procedure at a given employer (it the employer does not have a trade union organization).

9) loan for a micro entrepreneur from the Labour Fund up to PLN 5.000,00. The loan
is subject to redemption provided that the micro-entrepreneur does not reduce employment for a period of 3 months from the date it was granted.

10) exemption from paying social security, health insurance and non-insurance funds contributions for a payer, who as of February 29, 2020, reported less than 10 insured persons for social security. The exemption covers the period from March 1, 2020 to May 31, 2020. In the case of a self-employed person conducting economic activity, paying contributions solely to his/her own insurance; there is an additional condition of an exemption from making income from the activity in the first month for which the application for dismissal is submitted, if the income was not higher than PLN 15.681,00.

11) extension by law of the period of validity of work permits for foreigners until the end of the 30th day following the date of cancellation of the epidemic; 

12) downtime benefit for a person conducting individual economic activity or performing a civil law contract (including a project contract) when, following Covid-19, there was a standstill in conducting business activities. As a rule, the amount of the  benefit is PLN 2.080,00. 

If you have any questions about the Anti-Crisis Shield and the solutions it provides for employees and employers, please contact Emil Smogorzewski smogorzewski@peterkapartners.pl our expert in labour law or you can direct a question to our Covid-19 Help desk at covidhelpdesk@peterkapartners.com.

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