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In the year 2000, my partners and I launched the PETERKA & PARTNERS law firm in Prague, Czech Republic. Over time we developed an ambitious idea - to create an integrated regional law firm, which at first seemed almost impossible. However, after years of dedication and hard work, we became a strong alternative to the global giants and local law firms active in the CEE region through their networks or best friends.


Plan for further lifting of restrictions

Brief description and presentation

Based upon a decision of the government of the Czech Republic on April 22, 2021, anti-epidemiological measures should gradually become less strict. The mitigation of the anti-epidemiological measures will take place over 6 phases as described in the table below. Each phase defines the specific places/services that can operate under specified conditions.

Incidence of new cases

The fundamental factor to further easing of restrictions in the Czech Republic, which is now still limited due to the ongoing Covid-19 epidemic, will be the incidence of new cases per 100,000 inhabitants per week. Therefore, the individual steps will always be assessed in advance, and according to the current development of the epidemiological situation, it will be determined when the given release phase will take effect.

Plan for further lifting of restrictions:


Plan for further lifting of restrictions - schools:


(Source: Balíčky pro návrat zpět do normálního života. In vlada.cz [online]. [cit. 2021-04-28]. Accessible from: https://www.vlada.cz/assets/media-centrum/aktualne/Balicky-pro-navrat-zpet-do-normalniho-zivota.pdf )

The document reflects the status as of May 31, 2021.
We are closely monitoring the situation and will keep you updated. This document is for informational purposes only and may not be considered a legal opinion or advice on how to proceed in a particular case.

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