PETERKA PARTNERS in Euro magazine
27/11/2023 PETERKA PARTNERS in Euro magazine
PETERKA PARTNERS achieved recognition as a standout player in the legal field, securing a coveted position in EURO’s top-tier. We would like to express our sincere appreciation for this acknowledgment and extend our hearty congratulations to our fellow distinguished law firms.

Alongside this recognition, Euro magazine featured a compelling interview with our partners, Zdenek Beranek and Hynek Peroutka, who shed light on the legal services landscape in the CEE region and the various challenges confronting legal professionals (and not only them).

Hynek also shared his thoughts on handling large amounts of data by law firms nowadays and contemplated the dilemma of representing clients who may be deemed not “Green” enough.

The issue also includes insights into AI by our colleagues Agnieszka Siwinska, Director of our Polish office. The quoting of this wonderful “woman in law” further underlines the success of our colleagues Adela Krbcova and Pavla Kopeckova Prikrylova in the overview of the Top 100 Women in the Czech Legal Business.
TOP 100 women in the legal business
16/11/2023 TOP 100 women in the legal business
Naše Právničky v Žebříčku TOP 100 Žen v Právním Byznysu S obrovskou radostí a hrdostí oznamujeme, že dvě naše vynikající právničky, Adéla Krbcová a Pavla Přikrylová Kopečková, se staly součástí prestižního žebříčku TOP 100 žen v právním byznysu. Adéla byla oceněna v kategorii TOP partnerky, zatímco Pavla vyniká v oblasti M&A, Korporátní právo a Private Equity. Adéla Krbcová - TOP Partnerka Adéla není pouze právničkou; je symbolem excelence, odhodlání a lidskosti v právu. Její brilantní právnické dovednosti a schopnost nalézt optimální řešení pro naše klienty ji řadí mezi nejlepší v oboru. Umístění v kategorii TOP partnerky je výsledkem její tvrdé práce, oddanosti a vize pro spravedlnost. Pavla Přikrylová Kopečková - M&A, Korporátní Právo a Private Equity Pavla se v oblasti M&A, Korporátního práva a Private Equity stala uznávanou autoritou. Její expertíza a schopnost navigovat v komplexních transakcích ji řadí mezi špičkové profesionálky v oboru. Toto ocenění v žebříčku TOP 100 žen je zaslouženým uznáním jejího výjimečného přínosu v oblasti korporátního práva. Oceňujeme Jejich Úspěchy Tato umístění nejsou jen úspěchem pro naše právničky, ale i pro celý náš tým. Jsme hrdí, že můžeme mít takové výjimečné profesionálky ve svých řadách. Jejich práce, oddanost a profesionalita posilují naši firmu a posouvají naše právní služby na novou úroveň. Gratulace od Nás Všech Srdečně gratulujeme Adéle Krbcové a Pavle Přikrylové Kopečkové k těmto prestižním oceněním. Jsou to zářné příklady výjimečnosti a inspirace pro nás všechny. Těšíme se na další společné úspěchy a neuvěřitelný přínos do budoucnosti.
Our lawyers in the TOP 100 women in the legal business We are very proud and pleased to announce that two of our outstanding female lawyers, Adéla Krbcová and Pavla Přikrylová Kopečková, have been included in the prestigious TOP 100 Women in Legal Business. Adéla has been recognized in the TOP Women Partners category, while Pavla excels in M&A, corporate and private equity. Adéla Krbcová - TOP female partner Adéla is not just a lawyer, she is a symbol of excellence, commitment and humanity in law. Her brilliant legal knowledge and ability to find optimal solutions for our clients make her one of the best in the field. Being ranked among the top partners is the result of her hard work, dedication and vision for justice. Pavla Přikrylová Kopečková - M&A, corporate and private equity Pavla has become a recognized authority on mergers and acquisitions, corporate and private equity. Her expertise and ability to navigate complex transactions make her one of the top professionals in the field. This Top 100 Women award is a well-deserved recognition of her exceptional contributions to the field of corporate law. Recognition of her achievements This ranking is not just an achievement of our female lawyers, but of our entire team. We are proud to have such exceptional female professionals in our ranks. Their work, dedication and professionalism strengthen our firm and take our legal services to the next level. Congratulations to all of you We sincerely congratulate Adela Krbcova and Pavla Přikrylová Kopečková on these prestigious awards. They are a shining example of excellence and an inspiration to us all. We look forward to more successes and incredible contributions together in the future.
IBA - Diversity and Inclusion Toolkit for Lawyers
06/11/2023 IBA - Diversity and Inclusion Toolkit for Lawyers
Diversity has a positive effect on productivity and competitiveness and brings with it the opportunity for expansion on both domestic and international markets. At PETERKA & PARTNERS, we are fully aware of how diversity is important for our progress and we have made great effort in this area for many years. Today, we are honored and proud to share that our Partner Pavla Kopeckova Prikrylova together with Antonia Verna of Portolano Cavallo led the initiative and launched a “truly transformational instrument” – a Diversity and Inclusion Toolkit for law firms. The project started at European level and with the support of the IBA special projects fund and was extended to become a global IBA initiative at the start of 2023. The D&I Toolkit is available in its interactive form on the IBA website:
DW Forklift - Settlement Agreement
02/11/2023 DW Forklift - Settlement Agreement
PETERKA & PARTNERS’s Prague office led to a successful end a nearly 13-year-long litigation on behalf of our client, a Czech subsidiary of TOUAX, a prominent French-origin global group and a family-run business, which later became a subsidiary of Modulaire Group, Europe, and Asia Pacific's leading specialist in modular services and infrastructure. The case centred on an alleged breach of a subcontracting agreement and the associated contractual penalty and the value of the case exceeded 2 million EUR. Our team defended the nullity of the agreement by arguing and evidencing a conflict of interest involving the signatory. The case was tried three times before the court of first instance, two times before the appellate court, and twice before the Supreme Court. It ended with a final win for our client at the Supreme Court followed by a settlement agreement concluded by the parties in order to solve a few remaining auxiliary claims.
10/10/2023 PETERKA&PARTNERS Newsletter
Dear Clients, Business Partners and Colleagues, it is our pleasure to share with you the latest edition of PETERKA & PARTNERS Newsletter prepared by our colleagues.
You may read it here.
As per usual, we bring you the summary of practical legal and tax news from our jurisdictions as well as latest news from PETERKA & PARTNERS. We hope you will enjoy the reading!
Global Advocaten Annual Meeting - Bratislava
10/10/2023 Global Advocaten Annual Meeting - Bratislava
PETERKA & PARTNERS had the privilege to host this year's Global Advocaten annual meeting in the charming city of Bratislava. We really enjoyed welcoming all colleagues and friends from different countries and continents. While we did some serious work, we also appreciated the great time we spent together enjoying the gorgeous city of Slovakia in the lovely autumn and making our relationships stronger in the network. We would like to thank all members who attended the meeting and we are looking forward to next year's meeting!
ILN 2023 European Regional Conference
10/10/2023 ILN 2023 European Regional Conference
We are proud that we hosted another International Lawyers Network conference in Prague, the heart of Europe. It has been 15 years since we had the opportunity to welcome our international colleagues and friends in Prague, where our firm's headquarters is located. Along with Lindsay Griffiths, Pavla Kopečková Přikrylová, the Chair of the Board and the team of the event planners from Dynamic Events, we sincerely hope all the guest enjoyed our wonderful city and the conference.
Terralex launches cross-border guide to ESG & Sustainable Finance
01/08/2023 Terralex launches cross-border guide to ESG & Sustainable Finance
Our Colleagues from Czech and Slovak office have collaborated to create the newest cross-border guide on the topic of ESG and Sustainable Finance by TerraLex.

Thank you Adéla Krbcová, Barbora Urbancová, Johannes Röll and Kristina Nankova for your contributions on this increasingly important topic. You may access it here.
PETERKA & PARTNERS Teambuilding in Sopot, Poland (14-18 June 2023)
01/08/2023 PETERKA & PARTNERS Teambuilding in Sopot, Poland (14-18 June 2023)
After a couple of years, we could finally all meet in person, and spend some quality time together in the beautiful surroundings of Hotel Haffner in Sopot City, Poland. These numbers would best show the enormous scope of the project: 5 days
8 offices representing 8 countries
122 participants
5* Hotel in Sopot
3 workshops
2 contests
3 special awards from Ondřej Peterka
18 contests winners
a myriad of inspirations and networking
Great thanks to Magdalena C. Oleszycka and Anna Kalbarczyk (Dzienio), MBA for truly exceptional performance in coordinating the entire event, and their huge efforts to provide probably the best team building in the entire history of our company.
Recent years were very important for the PETERKA & PARTNERS as we celebrated the 20th anniversary of the Group back in 2020 and “round” anniversaries of six offices.
Our team building was a great opportunity to see our colleagues on childhood photos. Jan Liška and Radka Čejkova organized the “Guessing game”, where chosen representatives from each office had to guess who was presented in a photo. Adéla Krbcová and Barbora Urbancová moderated very important session on our ESG policy. We were inspired by everyone with the new ideas on our ESG&CSR programs, so thank you, girls for organizing this important session. During Q&A session, Ondřej Peterka and Jan Liška with full transparency tackled the hardest topics that were brought up by their coworkers. As PETERKA & PARTNERS values open communication, it goes both ways, each voice is heard and matters. During the Gala Dinner, Dorota Ploskowicz and Agnieszka Siwińska who manage our Warsaw office, talked of times filled with challenges and its recent growth. Sławomir Patkowski, Partner and Deputy Director for Poland helps them with such great development of our Polish office. Management prizes were handed out as well to: Petr Hradil for long-term exceptional performance
Beata Składanek-Wikieł was awarded for the successful development of the Polish litigation practice, which is the largest in the entire firm
The main prize went to the entire PETERKA & PARTNERS Ukrainian Team, led by Taras Utiralov and Halyna Melnyk, for maintaining and developing the Ukrainian office despite the ongoing Russian war against Ukraine. We would also like to give special thanks to the Hotel Haffner management. Tymoteusz Skuza, Adrian Chyliński, MBA and Magdalena Dunowska who coordinated the entire event with us – from the beginning to the final hour of our presence there. We appreciate your professional and friendly attitude, highest level of services and perfect organizational skills. Hotel Haffner will be our first choice when organizing any global event in Poland. Thanks to all of our PETERKA & PARTNERS colleagues for such a great time spent together in Sopot, Poland. See you soon!
ITR EMEA Tax Awards 2023
24/07/2023 ITR EMEA Tax Awards 2023
PETERKA & PARTNERS is honoured to be shortlisted for ITR EMEA Tax Awards 2023 in the following categories: - CEE Tax Firm of the Year
- CEE Transfer Pricing Firm of the Year Winners will be announced at a live ceremony in London on the 27th of September 2023.

ITR EMEA Tax Awards have taken place annually since its inception in 2005 and recognise the remarkable achievements and developments by tax professionals from throughout the EMEA region over a 12-month period. The awards recognize achievements in tax technology, innovation, policy, compliance, and reporting, as well as diversity, equity and inclusion. PETERKA & PARTNERS provides a one-stop shop for legal and tax services for the entire CEE region. We provide tax advisory services, whether on a stand-alone basis or as an integral part of full legal services. The Tax Desk is led by Rostislav Frelich and Lenka Paluchova. We extend warm congratulations to the PETERKA & PARTNERS Tax Desk for receiving this well-deserved recognition!
Interview with Managing Partner Ondrej Peterka in Lawyers and Business
09/06/2023 Interview with Managing Partner Ondrej Peterka in Lawyers and Business
The latest issue of Lawyers and Business features an interview with our Managing Partner, Ondrej Peterka, who had a pleasure to discuss recent developments and the future plans at P&P group with Jan Janus. You can read the article in Czech under this link or in English here.
25/04/2023 PETERKA & PARTNERS Newsletter
We are excited to announce the release of our latest newsletter, which contains all the latest legal and tax news from our jurisdiction, as well as exciting news from our firm.
Keep up to date with all the latest news in the legal world and find out what's new at PETERKA & PARTNERS!
Check out our newsletter on the link.
PETERKA & PARTNERS recommended in 14 practice areas in The Legal 500 EMEA 2023 edition
19/04/2023 PETERKA & PARTNERS recommended in 14 practice areas in The Legal 500 EMEA 2023 edition
We are thrilled to announce that PETERKA & PARTNERS has been recommended in 14 practice areas in The Legal 500 (Legalease) EMEA 2023 edition!
Our firm was ranked as a leading firm in three countries - the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Ukraine. Moreover, we are proud to share that Adela Krbcova, Director for the Czech office and Leader of Labour Law, was ranked as a leading individual in Employment Law.
The Legal 500 is one of the most respected legal directories in the world, and we are honored to have received such recognition. We would like to thank our clients for their trust and loyalty, as well as our team for their hard work and dedication.
We remain committed to delivering the highest quality legal services to our clients, and we look forward to continuing to grow and strengthen our practice.
CEE Litigation Newsletter
04/04/2023 CEE Litigation Newsletter
It is our pleasure to share with you the latest edition of the CEE Litigation Newsletter powered by PETERKA & PARTNERS. We bring you a summary of practical litigation legal news from jurisdictions of Slovakia, Hungary, Czech republic and Romania. Enjoy the reading!
PETERKA & PARTNERS Expands to Croatia
20/03/2023 PETERKA & PARTNERS Expands to Croatia
Peterka & Partners, a leading Central and Eastern European law firm, has announced the opening of a new office in Croatia. The new office, located in Zagreb, became operational on 1 March 2023. This marks an important milestone for the firm, which has been working towards expanding its presence to Croatia for the past seven years. The new office will provide comprehensive legal services for both international and domestic clients in Croatia.
"Our expansion into Croatia is an important step for us as we continue to grow and enhance our presence in the CEE region. We are committed to providing our clients with high-quality legal services across the entire CEE region and we believe that our new office in Zagreb will help us achieve this goal," said Ondřej Peterka, Managing Partner of Peterka & Partners.
The main contact in the Zagreb office will be Anja Haramija, who has extensive experience in the legal industry in Croatia. "I am thrilled to be part of the Peterka & Partners new office in Zagreb. We are excited to be able to increase the regional synergies within the Peterka & Partners group and to provide our clients with the best possible legal advice and solutions," said Ms. Anja Haramija.
Within the Peterka & Partners organization, the Zagreb office will become a single point of contact for the coordination of legal services for the former Yugoslavia, and the ninth Peterka & Partners office in the CEE region. ----------------------------------
The press release published on PETERKA & PARTNERS web page under title PETERKA & PARTNERS Expands to Croatia was corrected on 20.4.2023 regarding the use of the title „Partner“ and „Director for Croatia“, all based on the instructions of the Croatian Bar Association. Based on the above-mentioned press release published on the PETERKA & PARTNERS web page, the below-mentioned media have published a press release on the opening of PETERKA & PARTNERS office in Croatia:
Given that the above-mentioned media have published a press release about the opening of PETERKA & PARTNERS in Croatia before the Croatian Bar Association has informed PETERKA&PARTNERS odvjetničko društvo d.o.o. on its opinion regarding the use of the title „Partner“ and „Director for Croatia“ for Ms. Anja Haramija, PETERKA&PARTNERS odvjetničko društvo d.o.o. hereby publicly distances itself from such reporting regarding the used title „Partner“ and „Director for Croatia“ for Ms. Anja Haramija.
PETERKA&PARTNERS odvjetničko društvo d.o.o. hereby confirms that Ms. Anja Haramija is a Senior Associate and the main contact in the Zagreb office.
#PRVNÍCH100LET: Cosmina Aron, Agnieszka Siwińska and Galyna Melnyk in live stream
14/03/2023 #PRVNÍCH100LET: Cosmina Aron, Agnieszka Siwińska and Galyna Melnyk in live stream
We are proud to be a main partner of the extraordinary project „#PRVNÍCH100LET (žen v právu)“ (Women in Law). The unique “Women in Law” project brings together the inspiring women of today's legal world and public life. This topic is especially important to us, because at PETERKA & PARTNERS women make up more than half of our colleagues, including the highest management positions. We are very pleased to be able to introduce some of them to you as part of this project.
Our partners, directors - Cosmina Aron, Agnieszka Siwińska and Galyna Melnyk participated in other live stream Právničky LIVE!
They gathered together as a unique international ensemble and enjoyed the live stream immensely.
You can see the live-streamed talk here: Právničky LIVE
An interview with Ondrej Peterka – Founder and Managing Partner of PETERKA&PARTNERS group – has been published in the Polish legal magazine, Rynek Prawniczy. The interview describes the path of creating a regional law firm in Eastern Europe originating from this region, further plans for development, the significant role of women at the firm, and developments of the historical premises of Braun Palace in Prague.
The interview originally appeared in the magazine Týdeník Euro - TOP LEGAL BUSINESS (TOP PRÁVNÍ BYZNYS). Its Polish version is available at this link.
PETERKA & PARTNERS Ukraine in Ukrainian Law Firms. A Handbook for Foreign Clients / PETERKA & PARTNERS Україна в Ukrainian Law Firms. A Handbook for Foreign Clients
07/12/2022 PETERKA & PARTNERS Ukraine in Ukrainian Law Firms. A Handbook for Foreign Clients / PETERKA & PARTNERS Україна в Ukrainian Law Firms. A Handbook for Foreign Clients
Last week the Ukrainian Law Firms. A Handbook for Foreign Clients was released. “Everyone in our country has faced reality beyond any ordinary experience. For ethical and moral reasons, as many people have joined the Armed Forces of Ukraine and/or found themselves in difficult life situations, we have taken the decision to focus our attention on describing work projects for clients for the research period – 2021, but without the usual ranking tables”, - Olga Usenko, the editor says. PETERKA & PARTNERS Ukraine was acknowledged in the following practices: intellectual property, tax and transfer pricing, labor & employment, corporate and M&A, and litigation. *Ukrainian Law Firms. A Handbook for Foreign Clients – the project of YURIDICHESKAYA PRACTIKA Publishing, showcasing law firms and providing deep analyses of the Ukrainian legal market.
Минулого тижня було опубліковано Ukrainian Law Firms. A Handbook for Foreign Clients. «Кожен у нашій країні стикнувся з реальністю, що виходить за межі будь-якого звичайного досвіду. З етичних та моральних міркувань, оскільки багато людей поповнили лави Збройних Сил України та/або опинилися у складних життєвих ситуаціях, ми прийняли рішення зосередити свою увагу на описі робочих проектів для клієнтів в межах досліджуваного періоду, а саме за 2021 рік, але за виключенням рейтингових таблиць», - розповідає редактор проєкту Ольга Усенко. Український офіс PETERKA & PARTNERS було відзначено в практиках інтелектуальної власності, оподаткування та трансфертного ціноутворення, трудового права, корпоративного право та M&A, судових спорів. * Ukrainian Law Firms. A Handbook for Foreign Clients – проєкт видавництва «ЮРИДИЧНА ПРАКТИКА», що проводить глибокий аналіз українського юридичного ринку.
Taras Utiralov - judge for the ELSA IP Moot Court / Тарас Утіралов - суддя конкурсу з права інтелектуальної власності ELSA
02/12/2022 Taras Utiralov - judge for the ELSA IP Moot Court / Тарас Утіралов - суддя конкурсу з права інтелектуальної власності ELSA
At the end of November, Taras Utiralov, Partner and Director for Ukraine at PETERKA & PARTNERS, had the honour to be a judge at the IIІ National Intellectual Property Law Moot Court Competition, both in the written and oral competitions. Big thanks to the organiser ELSA Kyiv for the opportunity to meet the rising stars in the field of intellectual property. Despite these challenging weeks in Ukraine, young lawyers do not give up and show their professionality, knowledge and confidence. "I was delighted to mark the high level of legal knowledge and analytical and presentation skills of moot court participants. Despite challenges of the war, including power outages, they were able to prepare their written materials and deliver bright speeches," - Taras Utiralov said. *ELSA Kyiv is a part of ELSA, the leading force in providing countless opportunities for academic and professional development for law students in 44 countries of Europe.
Наприкінці листопада Тарас Утіралов, партнер та директор українського офісу PETERKA & PARTNERS, мав честь бути суддею ІІІ Національного конкурсу з права інтелектуальної власності, як у письмовому, так і усному етапах. Велика подяка організатору ELSA Київ за можливість зустрітися з висхідними зірками у сфері інтелектуальної власності. Незважаючи на ці непрості тижні в Україні, молоді юристи не опускають рук і демонструють свій професіоналізм, знання та впевненість. «Мені було приємно відзначити високий рівень юридичних знань та аналітичних і ораторських умінь у учасників змагань. Незважаючи на виклики війни, зокрема вимкнення електроенергії, вони зуміли підготувати свої письмові матеріали та виступити з чудовими промовами» - коментує Тарас Утіралов. *ELSA Київ є частиною ELSA, провідної організації в наданні незліченних можливостей для академічного та професійного розвитку для студентів-юристів у 44 країнах Європи.
30/11/2022 PETERKA & PARTNERS Newsletter
Dear Clients, Business Partners, and Colleagues,
It is our pleasure to share with you the latest edition of the PETERKA & PARTNERS Newsletter.
As usual, we bring you a summary of practical legal and tax news from the many jurisdictions in which we have our offices as well as the latest news from PETERKA & PARTNERS itself.
Enjoy the reading!
28/11/2022 PETERKA & PARTNERS in unique Czech project: TOP LEGAL BUSINESS.
We participated in a unique project “TOP LEGAL BUSINESS”, in which you can take a look under the bonnet of the whole PETERKA & PARTNERS group.
What are our future plans? What is the future of the business? How is the group developing, and how important a role do women play in it?
You can read more in the article here.
PETERKA & PARTNERS becomes member of European Business Aviation Association
29/09/2022 PETERKA & PARTNERS becomes member of European Business Aviation Association
We are pleased to announce that due to the activities of the PETERKA & PARTNERS Aviation Practice Group, two of our offices, Warsaw and Prague, have become members of the European Business Aviation Association EBAA. The EBAA’s main goal is to support, and build up business relations among, enterprises operating in the aviation sector in Europe. Adrianna Szczecińska, based in Warsaw, the Leader of our Aviation Practice, and Zdeněk Beránek, Partner from our Czech Republic office, are both responsible for coordination of and developing relations in the association.
PETERKA & PARTNERS ranked by IFLR 1000 in five offices
30/08/2022 PETERKA & PARTNERS ranked by IFLR 1000 in five offices
We are happy to be recognised by the prestigious IFLR 1000 ranking in M&A category.
We have been ranked in the Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Bulgaria and Romania.
Congratulations to our M&A team!
We are grateful for the support of our clients.
Handbook on taxation for Ukrainians residing and doing business in CEE countries
11/07/2022 Handbook on taxation for Ukrainians residing and doing business in CEE countries
As the part of the PETERKA & PARTNERS Ukrainian desk's activities, our international tax team led by Lenka Paluchova prepared a handbook on the tax implications from the perspective of double tax treaties concluded between Ukraine and CEE countries and the local tax legislation.
Under what conditions does a Ukrainian become a tax resident of specific CEE countries? And what if
he/she still has a business in Ukraine that they manage from specific CEE countries?
These and many other questions are answered in our handbook. У рамках діяльності Ukrainian Desk, проекту PETERKA & PARTNERS, однією з цілей якого є допомога українському бізнесу за кордоном, наша міжнародна податкова команда на чолі з Лєнкою Палуховою підготувала брошуру про податкові наслідки з точки зору угод про уникнення подвійного оподаткування, укладених між Україною та країнами Центральної та Східної Європи, і місцевого податкового законодавства.
За яких умов українець стає податковим резидентом окремих країн Центральної та Східної Європи? А що, якщо він/вона все ще має бізнес в Україні, яким керує з певних країн Центральної та Східної Європи?
Відповіді на ці та багато інших питань ви знайдете в нашій брошурі.
01/07/2022 PETERKA&PARTNERS Newsletter
Dear Clients, Business Partners and Colleagues, it is our pleasure to share with you the latest edition of PETERKA & PARTNERS Newsletter prepared by our Colleagues.
As usual, we bring you the summary of practical legal and tax news from our jurisdictions as well as latest news from PETERKA & PARTNERS. We hope you will enjoy the reading and we would like to wish you all safe and healthy summer!

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