Our Product

PETERKA & PARTNERS offers to its clients a unique product due to the full integration of all its offices. The clients may purchase and manage legal services in the entire CEE region as if it was only one jurisdiction. Such product includes:

  • One firm as single partner for legal services throughout the entire region
  • All services can be governed by a single agreement on the provision of legal services
  • Single fee structure for entire region reflecting important regional synergies
  • Knowledge of the client’s business structures, corporate culture and standards shared among all offices to the client’s benefit
  • One partner dedicated to coordinating all of the client’s activities in the entire region
  • The opportunity to truly outsource legal services within the region
  • Stability and unified standard of legal services within the region

To answer its client’s demands, PETERKA & PARTNERS often adds other European countries to its package of integrated legal solution for CEE acting as a leading counsel and managing the work of other law firms similarly as if they were just another office.

Moreover, for its clients from within the CEE region PETERKA & PARTNERS handles litigations and other matters in other European countries.

The main benefit for the clients is cost effectiveness of such solution as well as access to specific know-how. PETERKA & PARTNERS takes care of coordination, communication and management whereas its partner law firms focus solely on legal issues in the respective jurisdictions.

PETERKA & PARTNERS has an exceptionally strong link to France where it has already handled dozens of cases. Ondřej Peterka is fully admitted to Paris Bar and many other partners and associates of the firm studied in France and are fluent in French.

Germany is another important country. PETERKA & PARTNERS employs several attorneys fully admitted in Germany and has German capacity in majority of its offices.

PETERKA & PARTNERS also handles many cases in Ex-Yugoslavia and intensively cooperates with clients and law firms from Scandinavia.

PETERKA & PARTNERS maintains working relations with leading law firms in almost 90 countries of the world. A team of experienced relation managers processes several incoming and several outgoing referrals every day.

Numerous clients and partner law firms thus rely upon PETERKA & PARTNERS to recommend and engage a law firm to handle their matters in almost any jurisdiction of the world. On the top of that PETERKA & PARTNERS usually manages and supervises the work of the foreign law firm, which brings additional benefits:

  • The most suitable foreign law firm is engaged based on its specialization as well as past performance, which is being thoroughly tracked
  • Due to long-term nature of the relation the foreign law firms are motivated to offer their best financial conditions
  • Clients from within CEE region may handle their case abroad in their own language while PETERKA & PARTNERS takes care of all communication with the foreign law firm
  • Specific know-how allows for the most effective management of the case to the benefit of client
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